Sunday, August 9, 2015

Day 70- Busy

I skipped a few has me busy and in a very action oriented circumstance. Lots of changes are happening that call for lots responsibilities. Leaving my job, moving to California, changing my diet, needing to figure out my finances as far as loans and health insurance goes, selling my car. This week I'm taking care of three kids, 2 dogs, 1 parrot, and teaching yoga to 8 kids at a camp. I am busy. But I am being courageous and living and learning and growing in love with my self and the planet and all of life.  

Sometimes writing needs to be put aside. Sometimes it helps me but then other times it just feels like a responsibility that I don't really have time for. But for me it is a priority. It is who I am. A writer. I can't just dream about things and learn about the world and keep it inside. I have to get it out. 

Lately I've been discovering how to get myself calm in a new way. How to let go when my head feels heavy and my mind feels attached to worry. And really the answer is just becoming aware and than taking self-loving action immediately. Breathing helps. Praying helps. Believing that I'm already whole, safe, accepted, and loved helps. It is be truth, by the way. That we are already whole and healed. Anything that seems less, or anything that you feel your are lacking is only an opportunity to grow. And when you grow you are just stretching through your physical existence and coming back to your essence. Your being that existed before the human part did. And that being is your power, your healer, if only we could stand there and stay in that place and use it. It's a practice to get there and stay there. It's a commitment. It's a wild, transformative, worth while, beautiful journey. I am ON IT. 

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