Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 58- Yes

It's amazing how quick I fall away from the center. To the place in my mind where I'm unaware of my thoughts and how they are constantly creating my reality. To the place where I miss opportunities to be present. 

It is as if I am disciplining a child:

"I know that this is what you want to do, what you want to eat, what you think you need to think and worry about.  I know it's hard to understand that what I'm doing for you is loving you and caring for you. But it is. You're safe. So let go and trust me" 

I keep having this conversation inside. I think it's between my soul self and human self. What my soul self is guiding me to do more strongly than ever over the past few days, is to notice my thoughts, and to say and write more positive affirmations. 

This is the one that I keep saying today. 

I am healthy. I am healed. I am whole. Yes. 

Saying yes after always helps because I start to doubt that it's true but the yes makes it feel more powerful and raises my ability to believe it. 

But beyond all words and thoughts, this IS my truth. I am the creator of my reality. If I affirm and believe I am healthy, then so it is. Anything I see or experience is just manifestations of past thoughts/actions and the healing path that brings my mind/body back into harmony with ME. The me that is beating my heart. 

The true ME is already whole. Yes I am experiencing stomach problems and anxiety, but that's just an experience. That's just what I'm observing. As long as I stay in this positive place, the manifestation of what I see and experience will shift to being positive in ALL ways as well. 

There are no limitations. Nope. 
I am free, abundant, healthy, and beautiful. Yes. Yes I am. 

Yes yes yes. 

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