Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 57- I Am Infinite

After pondering more what I was thinking about and wrote yesterday, I realized that the center of duality is the heart, and what lies beyond that energy field. It IS in the center, of my perfectly symmetric body that is a pure teacher of how this life works. I thought about how my body shows me three dimensions, my right side, my left side, and my center.

It makes sense when I think about colors. On one side there is blue, on the other there is yellow. There is a place to mix the colors in the center, and now there is a new color- green. So those are three dimensions of how existence works, only the most important thing I realized during this epiphany was the emptiness in the center. The emptiness in the center is the infinite possibility of creation. Yes, in the space I can mix blue and yellow to make green. But I can create anything there. Anything. I was created FROM that infinite space. It is the center of the three dimensions, the life force energy that beats my heart. Therefore, if there is a life force power that is infinite beating my heart, than I must be infinite, too.

So now I see that there are four dimensions. My girlfriend Lori has talked about this before but I didn't quite get it until right now. The fourth dimension is this moment right now. What we are creating in that infinite space. Anything is possible, but there are laws of nature, for example, we know that blue and yellow make green. Blue and yellow make green as a response to the laws of nature. If we're not living in harmony with our spirit, than we will be unaware of the laws of nature. We know that black and gray will not create green. So to compare this metaphor to our life we can try to create with negative thought and positive action, and it just won't happen. We will never get the result we want. We will keep unconsciously mixing black and gray wishing for green without knowing why it's not happening.

This might sound confusing. But to me it is very clear. We are infinite. I am infinite. And as long as I trust my spirit, know my spirit, surrender to it, and follow it, I can't go wrong. Just as the sky and sun makes green, there is nature waiting to express itself through me. And it will happen. I will create what my life force intends to. This is what will bring me back home to my self, to what is beating my heart. Therefore, if I come home to the life force beating my heart, if I live inside of it, then I am one with it. And if I am one with infinity then everyone and everything is one to me. And that is reality. That is truth. It's just a matter of coming home, and it's a brave walk away from the reality that has been created here, in which not all has been in harmony with life force. That's why we are disconnected from oneness. But we all have a choice to go home. Yes.

Who am I? I am what is beating my heart. Therefore,

I am infinite.

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