Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 47- I Am Loved

Sometimes I realize how fragile I am. I get offended easily and I get mad at both the world and myself. I've been catching myself a little better recently. When it comes to pity parties, I know how to get down. But I also know how to get out. I do, sometimes I choose not to though. Weird, right? The party isn't fun. Not for me or anyone else. And life is a fun party, so why do I choose to leave it and go to a not so fun party? 

I'm still trying to figure out my mind. The way it works. The caves it buries me in and where the lights are. I go blind in there and the switches to the light back to the truth are tricky to find. But I always find them eventually. It has taken me a lot of practice and I still need more. 

That being said, it is yoga time! Intention set: loving myself more and letting go of any other external needs or desires. 

Love is all I need. And it is infinite and everywhere. Therefore, I am blessed. I truly am. THAT is the truth. 

Affirmation: I am loved   

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