Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 45- Signs

In the movie I watched last night, What The Bleep Do We Know, a repeated subject was about how we create our own realities with our thoughts. This is something I've learned before from the secret and from my own life experiences, however I loved learning from the point of view of scientist and physicist that are super knowledgable and aware of quantum physics. 

One of the physicist said that in the morning before he starts his day, he creates how he wants his day to go with his thoughts, and asks for signs that cannot be doubted to inform him that God is behind it all. "Make the sign so clear, that I cannot doubt it," he demands to the universe every morning. I love it. 

I tried it this morning. I asked the universe for an awesome day, for surprises and to know that God is present. The sequence of events was weird but however it made me laugh and feel lots of joy knowing that God was indeed there. Again, the story of my day is so weird but I'm going to tell it anyway. 

The three year old I take care of loves bugs, so today I decided to take him to a bug museum. I seriously hate bugs but it made him so happy that I was so happy too. I even pet a tarantula. And a cockroach. Ew! But he thought it was the COOLEST so I was so happy. I never thought I'd feel so happy in the presence of so many bugs.  

There are three synchronicities that led me to believe that God was present, or at least what I mean is believe more than I always do. Before saying out loud that I wanted to take max to the bug museum (I had already decided in my head) he came over and handed me a movie called Antz and asked if he could watch it. When we got to the bug museum, a camp bus pulled up with the name "Loori" on the side (my girlfriends name) along with the number 96. If you read blog post number one, you know the story behind the number 96, the reason for this blog. In addition to the number 96 being a symbol of God for me, the name Lori only multiplied it times ten! I think I said WOA out loud. Yes. I definitely did.

The last thing was that I came home to lots of ants on the floor of the kitchen. I told you that this story was weird. But it's in the synchronities that God speaks. And God has a sense of humor. Although I will probably fall asleep feeling like bugs are all over me. I had the best day. I really did. Max was happy. God was there. Always is and always was. If God appears in ironic, humorous, or unexpected ways, that's when it's easier to believe. 

If you're reading this, I want to suggest for you to ask for a sign tomorrow. Ask for a specific undoubtable sign from God, the universe, or whatever you want to call it. Just watch the magic of life happen. It is always happening. 

Affirmation: I keep my eyes, heart, and mind opening to the magic and abundance of life. I notice it and receive it with gratitude. 

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