Saturday, July 4, 2015

Day 33- Treasure Of Truth

Yesterday was a transformational day. I had to skip writing. I guess that will happen sometimes. I spent the day with my girlfriend exploring and researching how to take control of our health and we decided to make a commitment to being raw vegans. I've tried this before and I didn't get far because the world thought I was crazy and I wasn't strong enough to disagree. To stay true to my own agreements to myself. 

I know to believe in something every time I cry. Something resonates with me and then my soul awakens and tears flow out of my eyes. It happens when I'm with children. When I'm practicing yoga. And now my new awakening is that it is within my soul purpose to eat raw and complete authentic raw foods, and to help others heal with food as well. It has been a consistent passion for me to help families with young children figure out healthy diets and I feel so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude knowing that I can be that person. 

But right now I am healing my life. My body. I am becoming more and more conscious everyday of what I consume, on all levels- physical, mental, and spiritual. I've been walking up and down mountains and experiencing every high and low to get me to right here. To where I am right now. To this understanding. To this passion. 

And I know I won't stop traveling through until I'm living in full harmony on all levels. Mind, body, and spirit. I am a truth seeker. And I'm realizing the truth is a treasure buried underneath heavy dirt. Heavy dirt being misunderstandings about how to live a complete, whole, fulfilled, happy life. But I'm digging. And sometimes things get so heavy that I want to stop but I know that's when I'm digging up something really heavy. That's when I'm getting closer. 

I'm ready to dig out the heaviness. To embrace the truth that I'm seeking when I get there. I'm committed to staying strong. Because I know I deserve that treasure. I know I deserve a beautiful, healthy, happy life. 

Thank you God for the strength to get there. Thank you thank you thank you. 

Affirmation: I am strong and brave. 

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