Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day 9- Haunted

I want to do whatever makes me feel alive in my body. Because there is something alive in my body. It's breathing through me and it's beating my heart. I want it to know what life is. How can I not let it when it's what's giving me life?

Today I let it sleep. I feel even more exhausted now than I would if I was to let it live. It was as if I pushed it away. Every ounce of energy. It kept trying to live and something else kept telling it to sleep. This was the cause of the emotions I'm feeling. The frustration, self pity, anger. There is something alive in my body but there is something else to. A ghost or something. Something that needs to leave my body. And I think I need to make friends with it before it'll agree to leave. I need to feel everything it wants me to feel before it slips away.

So haunt me. Swing my moods and spin my mind. I'll let you. Ill listen. I'll feel it. Then I'll let you go in the morning.

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