Monday, June 8, 2015

Day 8- I Love All of Me

Today is about acceptance. Acceptance of where I am on my journey. Of who I am today. I am healing. I am working on myself. In the river I speak of, I am stuck on a rock. I'm not flowing. I'm somewhere in between the clutter in my container. Tangled in the vines of my heart. I know I can't dwell here. I am staring at darkness and trying to give it love. Getting stuck on imperfections that need acceptance. Listening to thoughts that I don't want. That I don't deserve. They're not nice.

I decided that this morning I'm going to go on a "kindness walk", where I shift my thoughts and consciously say nice things to myself until my spirit feels uplifted. Until I am a little more filled with light. Until I am more open and expansive rather than constrained and tense.

This is my journey of love and light. This is what I give to myself. I will radiate it. I will give it outward. But right now the healing process is about me.

Concluded affirmation after my walk, in the form of a haiku

I accept myself
I take care of my whole self
I love all of me

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