Saturday, June 6, 2015

Day 6 - Tune In

After spending last saturday tuning in and reconnecting, I woke up on sunday feeling the way I know I can feel everyday.  I woke up feeling like I was living inside of a tree, seeing the world the way the tree sees it. Calm and patient, allowing the wind to blow, allowing life to happen and simply just being a part of it. Simply existing without a need to control or resist life, just being. There is a quote that I heard on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, which was "we learn how to be human doers, but rarely ever do we experience what its like to be a human being."

For some it may seem like a challenge, to disconnect from technology for a day, or for even just a part of the day, but for me its absolutely necessary. I fall into this whirlpool in life where I get carried by the societal winds, the expectations, pressure, and responsibilities. When I tune in, I don't swim against the current, I simply let go and jump out of it, and fall into my being, which ultimately makes everything I have to do in the world as a human more peaceful and enjoyable. 

Every saturday, or for every period of time that I am able to, I will be disconnecting from the outside world and looking within. This doesn't mean that I will be doing nothing all day. I will be practicing more meditation, yoga, and nature activities than I do on most days, but I will also be doing laundry, food shopping, and other errands- only with an increased ability to be mindful and present. My hope for this saturday practice is that it will increase my ability to be mindful and present in everyday life, and that this new powerful ability within me will be stronger than the societal whirlpool that pops in and carries me away. 

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