Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day 4- Teddy Bears Aren't Real

Teddy bears are kind of like fear. As a kid, we might believe that a teddy bear can keep us safe at night, we feel cozy and warm when we stay close to it. We cling to it. And this is what we do with fear, sometimes without even realizing it. In my life, fear has kept me safe from being rejected, offended, or devalued. It told me when to swallow my words and hide inside, and every time I listened, it was as if I was swallowing nails and drilling them into my spirit, in which I rejected, offended, and devalued my own self.

Sometimes I still listen to fear, which is what this 96-day journey is all about. To use more and more challenges as opportunities for growth. To give myself lots of love by allowing myself to be heard. To learn everyday which voices inside myself are real and which ones are not. Because the truth that we all learn when we grow up is that teddy bears don’t keep us safe at night. They don’t love us in return. They aren’t real, and neither is fear.

Tomorrow I will be writing more about how I have overcame speaking fears over the past two years, and how I plan to progress more and more over the next 96 days.

Thank you for listening <3 

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