Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Day 2- A Letter to My Past Self

Recently my girlfriend Lori and I wrote letters to our past selves as an exercise to see how we've grown, and what we have gained from our challenges. How we've found light in the darkness, and dug up blessings in what may have seemed to be curses. I planned this exercise while she was here visiting from California (where she lives, we see each other once a month and I will be living there by September) as part of her 30th birthday experience. A desire to help young women and give them the words we wish we heard when we were that age, is something we share together. Below I will post the letter I wrote, and tomorrow I will post hers, on her official 30th birthday (yay). 

P.S Please feel free to share my posts with anyone you think it may help. In this letter I imagined that I was standing face to face with the ghost of my past, the person inside yelling for help, yet smiling on the outside, while being completely asleep to the beauty of life. 

Dear past self who doesn’t know magic and wonder exist everywhere, everyday,

Life is beautiful. I know that it is hard for you to see that right now, but everything that you feel cursed with, you will one day realize is a true blessing.

How can I expect you to believe that you are blessed, although you endure so much pain, you wonder, I know. You feel stuck in a cocoon, but I promise that you will fly. All of the pain that you are experiencing is just the growing and stretching of your wings. Sometimes I still feel it, but its only because my wings are growing again. You will always have the wings that you need. Life will not give you anything that you can’t handle. Let go and let your wings carry you to a place where you can see who you are, where you can see what life really is.

From this pain you will grow a deep level of empathy, which is also sometimes very hard, but the rewards are always worth it. The rewards help you notice who you are. A giver. A believer. A dreamer. You know you belong in this world now because everything that hurt so bad is now worth it forever, because you know you are.

You are worthy, and you are beautiful.

Your existence is needed in the world.

Stay strong and trust the path.

You will be free.

You already are.

I love you.

Love always,

Your Happy Future Self

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