Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 25- We Are All One

I was at the Apple Store today for three hours. I don't know how I made it through and out while still keeping my peace and calm. But I did, and I experienced something interesting and new. 

I looked around the crowded noisy store and thought about how no one is actually a stranger. On the deepest level of our being. We are really all one. I felt this overwhelming feeling of oneness, as if everyone was a part of my family. The child holding onto his moms leg, the impatient guy shaking his head while waiting too long, the teenage daughter that did not want to be there. The guy that was sitting next to me asking the apple employee about recording music. The dad on the other side of me asking how to back up his daughters college papers.

We're all in this life together. We really are. There's no separation. We're all one. I've heard this so many times before. It made sense to a certain point but then my mind wouldn't grasp it further. But today my mind let go and my heart got louder to make me so aware of this truth. 

The mall is the last place I would expect my heart to open in such a new miraculous way. I am usually nervous to go to the mall because there is so much mixed energy, good and bad that I am a sponge to. I never go. I don't go out at all really because of this energetic sensitivity. But I had to get my computer and phone fixed so I just accepted that it needed to be done and went with it. 

Something new happened in my heart. Somewhere between the last time I felt like an energy sponge in public, and this one. There is more space there now or something. More compassion. And perhaps an increase in compassion is what I needed to be strong enough not to be a sponge to negative energies. To see it, to know it, but to be at peace with it. To be gentle with it. To just completely be at peace knowing that oneness is the truth, underneath all of the mixed thoughts and feelings within me and everyone in my surroundings. There is only love. And seeing that, knowing that, feeling that, takes a practice in compassion. 

I am starting to believe, or maybe I am becoming more aware of something I already know, that compassion is the greatest strength. The greatest healer. The greatest power. Of the self. Of the planet. Of the universe. Of every being and form of life that exist. It is the answer to all prayers and the solution to all struggle. I do believe this. With all of me. 

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