Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 24- Responsibility

One thing that is not a strength of mine is responsibility. I know it's my responsibility to be a good person. To take care of myself and others. I can do that. I can do my best everyday. But the little annoying things like paying my loans, getting my phone and computer fixed, getting an oil change on time. I put all of that to the side. It builds up. This week I'm trying to knock some stuff off my to do list that has been on my mind forever. I need to clean out the cluttered bedroom in my mind where I've been tripping over stuff and refusing to look at it. I'll feel much better if I JUST DO IT. Its annoying though. I will stop myself from complaining and try to shift into positivity. But this is where I find irritation. I think it's just hard for me to be a human and do human things. I just want to be free.

After I take care of these responsibilities that I put off, I'm going to get a schedule notebook. It's important. I'm going to complete the task on the date that I write it needs to be done. No excuses.  The outside world impacts my inside world. In many ways. But this is one that I overlook. No more.

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