Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 11- Say No

Today I said no. I gave myself a break and in return the universe gave me even more of a break. I said no to overworking myself in respect to my health, and in return I get to go in late tomorrow. I get to see my girlfriend on FaceTime tonight. I said no on the outside world but I also said no on the inside world too. I said no when my mind tried to worry about money, and then this morning I found a 100 dollar bill hidden in my draw. I have no idea where it came from. I'm just going to believe that it was magic because it's fun.

Believing in magic is fun. Believing that magic is real is even more fun. I believe it is. There is something out there happening that my mind will never wrap around. There are games and tricks and puzzles. I have so many questions. But the universe speaks to me. It whispers and it screams. I'm trying my best to listen, but I think that saying no today was a good start.

What I give, I receive in return. Giving to myself counts too, like today. The energy behind the giving is the trick though. Are you happy to be giving? Are you giving with love? Do you expect/want/need anything in return? I am training myself to learn these answers, but if the answers aren't yes, yes, and no, then I'm doing something wrong. I'll write more about this as I figure it out, but right now I'm going to enjoy myself some free time that I don't usually have.

Thank you for listening :)

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